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We are excited for you to meet our guests on the AAW podcast, Clinton Allen & Ryan Williams from River Valley Worship! They both lead worship at their church in Minneapolis, MN.

River Valley Worship has just released a new worship album called “Million Lifetimes”. You can find out more about that album at!

In today’s interview, we’re talking with Ryan & Clinton specifically about their story as worship leaders and as songwriters. They talk to us about their current roles in their local church as worship leaders and leading teams. They also have some great insights about how they approach writing new songs for their church - considering the people that will be singing those songs and even their senior pastor - It starts with relationship!

They share experiences from leading REAL people in REAL ministry week to week, so we really believe this will speak to many of you listening that are also leading worship week in & week out. Be blessed, and be sure to check out their new album —- “MILLION LIFETIMES”!

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“What is the Sound the of Heaven? Its the people of God. Us. It is our calling, in whatever arena, to be His light, His hands and feet to a lost world. These songs are a declaration of the desire to walk in the identity of Christ and be the audible and visible Sound of Heaven.” 
-- Brad + Rebekah

This is the mission statement from the newest album released by our friends, Brad & Rebekah!!  We had the chance to sit down and talk with this awesome couple, who both lead worship together, and have such a great heart for the Church. 

Brad & Rebekah were very gracious to share some personal things that they are walking through, so pay special attention to their faith & their response. This album is really a declaration of faith. Take a moment and listen in.

For more on the new album & more information, be sure to check out their website @

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