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On this episode, Matt Perkins shares some thoughts on avoiding chaos during the Christmas season. Some notes from the podcast:

Being a good communicator is more than simply talking. There is a time to speak, but we must strive to be great listeners. Just so we all know; listening isn’t that thing we do when we are waiting for our turn to talk! What do your team meetings look like? Do you feel like the attitude of your team is better or worse than it was six months ago?

To take your team to the next level, you have to move beyond communication and develop a connection. Connection within a team doesn’t happen overnight. You must be intentional. Connection is a result of spending time with your team. It is the result of walking through difficult seasons and situations with one another. Connection comes when you are willing to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry”. If you have to be the one who gets credit for every idea, you are going to be your own worst enemy. That is a connection killer.

The result of good communication and connection with your teams will lead to a greater capacity.

1 Corinthians 12:20 (NLT) explains, “Yes there are many parts, but only one body…” Our different ideas, opinions and gifts will cause us to grow and increase our team’s capacity. As you prepare for your next week or event, embrace the differences and connect with your team. 

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